Work on different devices. Anywhere

Flexibility. Simpler systems. More productive staff.

Don't be tied down to an app or a computer

The beauty of our web applications is that being web-based they work flawlessly across the majority of modern desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Traditionally, you would have an app built that works on Android, iPhone and Windows/Mac.  This can prove to be expensive since each platform has a different operating system which needs to be coded for.

With a web application your system runs on a normal web server which means its accessible on almost any device, anywhere.

It also means that any new functionality you add is available immediately across all platforms, as opposed to needing to time the app updates across at least four software platforms.


Be unlimited

A web application gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the world, on practically any device.

You could set up a document on your office desktop computer, head out for a meeting and continue working on your tablet and on your way home send it from your mobile phone.

Paired with a tablet using a wifi and/or 4g connection, you could produce invoices, quotes and estimates or manage training courses etc whilst still on your customers’ premises, in your car or waiting for a plane!


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