Contractor management system

If your business needs to manage contractors who are working at various clients premises, you need to be able to see who is available, where they are working and when they’re on holiday etc.

We’ve got a system for that.

Suits any contracting business

From construction industries through to nursing industries, they all have one thing in common – the headache of managing numerous contractors.

Using multiple software packages to track personnel, time and availability isn’t ideal – you’ll inevitably end up replicating data such as addresses and contact details and then trying to remember what software you’ll need to update when (for example) a contractors address changes.

Keeping everything in one software package eliminates this problem, update once and it’s done.


Efficiency in motion

When you’re managing contractors there’s an awful lot you need to keep track of, from holidays and shifts through to hourly rates and documents.

That’s where our contractor management system comes in.

  • Store and manage contractor details
  • Keep track of shifts and holidays for each contractor on their individual calendar
  • Upload and store electronic documents for each contractor and receive alerts when they’re due to expire
  • Keep a record of contractor’s assigned shifts & holidays
  • Determine whether a contractor is available on a given date and time based on the shifts they’ve been assigned to, along with their holidays
  • Prevents overlaps in contractors assignments and holidays
  • Add & manage venue details such as contact information, payment rates for specific job roles and their preferred contractors
  • Keep track of shifts for each venue via its calendar
  • Keep a historic record of the shifts for each venue
  • Add planned shifts to the system and receive alerts on their status (Staff assigned & confirmation)
  • View lists of shifts which are yet to have contractors assigned or be confirmed with the venue

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Like what you see? Think it may cure that persistent management headache?

We provide a free, no-obligation consultation at our office in Liverpool. You can discuss your management issues and see if our system can help you.

We’ll work together to identify areas where the system could be adapted and also give you a personal demonstration of how our system works.

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