What we do & who we are

Its good to know who you’re working with and what drives them. Here’s some background about the team behind Ident Creative Ltd and how they can help your business thrive.

What we do

Ident provides a unique and diverse range of services which have continually evolved over the past 14 years.

Bespoke software for business

Technology advances through investment in new technologies we now develop business software solutions for small and medium sized companies.

Often, software solutions are out for reach of smaller businesses because of cost and complexity. We have developed a solution that can grow with the business to be as simple or complex as the business needs.

To identify areas that can benefit from software solutions, we provide a free business consultation at our office.

Imagine you could produce and deliver quotes much faster, have all your staff information in one place, or manage all your training courses, delegates and instructors in one application. Our platform means we can build what your business needs rather than buy an off-the-shelf solution or cobbling together several apps to do one job.

Through our work with Knowsley Council, we understand how to really get under the skin of a business and find out what it’s trying to achieve.

Who we are

Les Woods


Les has worked in the web design industry for over 20 years, from the times when a home computer with 4mb ram and a 20mb hard drive would cost you over £1,000 and Photoshop was where you got your negatives developed.

Made redundant in April 2004 he set up his own business and built strong a client base with a reputation for bringing his past experience of working with blue chip companies to small-to-medium businesses.

Over the past 20+ years there have been many changes in the industry and he has kept abreast of technology advances with respect to bespoke software development.

Jonathan Bruce


Jonathan has worked in marketing & web design since way back in the 90s when artwork changes were made via fax and printers would bring actual print proofs for him to sign with a real pen before being sent to print!

Through working with Wirral Borough Council and, more recently, Knowsley Council he has supported hundreds of small and medium sized companies running training courses and advice sessions covering all aspects of marketing and web design.

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