Training system

If your business provides training, are you using different software to manage bookings, customers, delegates and generate certificates?

Our training system can handle all of this – and more.

Both bespoke and off-the-shelf

‘Off-the-shelf’ implies you get a standard piece of software which works the exact same way no matter who you are, something which can’t be adapted. Ours is different.

Our system is highly customisable – even down to styling the certificates so they blend in with your existing corporate identity.

We can also adapt it to suit your established workflow, so any features which you are unlikely to use can be removed and others which you really need can be added.


A simple, logical workflow - add a course

The last thing you want is a complicated, confusing system which only serves to frustrate your employees and hinder your workflow.

With this in mind we developed a system which is really simple to operate…

  • Add your customer
  • Assign employees/delegates to your customer
  • Select a date (or date range) for the course from a calendar
  • Select a course type (i.e. First Aid)
  • Select a course name (i.e. ‘First Aid at work’)
  • Select a venue (this could be at your premises, a third party premises or the clients)
  • Choose a duration (i.e. 1 day)
  • Assign an instructor
  • Add your delegates (from either a single company or several)

That’s your course added!


Now, create the certificates

Okay, you’ve delivered and completed the course so now its time to generate the certificates.

  • First, assign each delegate a pass or fail
  • If they’ve passed, they’re eligible for a certificate
  • Now, you can either bulk generate all of the certificates at once, or you can generate individual certificates instead
  • Save the certificates as a PDF and send to the customer or delegate(s)

That’s it – you’ve created your certificates!


Simple to use, yet powerful to administer

It can’t really get much easier than that, can it? It takes only a few minutes to create a course and add delegates to it.

Of course, once you’ve added a company to the system you can create further courses and the delegates already exist – no need to enter them again.

We’ve added some powerful functions which are easily overlooked when using the system but really make your life so much easier…

  • See certificates due to expire and send reminders
  • Assign qualifications to course types – only instructors with the correct qualifications can be assigned to a course
  • Assign qualifications to instructors – working in tandem with the above function, you can add and remove qualifications from instructors
  • Create pre-set course types – why keep typing in ‘First Aid’ or ‘Health & Safety’ all the time when a simple pre-set dropdown menu will let you select the course type
  • Create pre-set course names – working in tandem with the above, only course names from the above course type will appear; so if you select ‘First Aid’ you can choose ‘AED Training Automated External Defibrillator’ instead of having to type it out all the time
  • Set certificate validity – some certificates may never expire whilst others may need to be re-issued in 1, 2 or 3 years; you can add any validity period you want

Real world scenarios

Easily find delegates and courses - scenario #1

Lets look at a real world scenario where you get a phone call from Gemma at ABC Logistics. “Can you send me the certificate for Bob Smith, he did the Fire Safety course a couple of years back, not sure when exactly”. How on Earth will you find it? Answer – easily.

  • You know Gemma works at ABC Logistics so you search for the company name and then scroll through the employees.
  • Click on Bob Smith and there’s a list of all the courses he’s done.
  • Next to each course is a button to generate a PDF certificate – click it and save it.

There, that was easy, wasn’t it?

Easily find delegates and courses - scenario #2

Okay, now imagine Gemma has phoned up asking for all the certificates for a paediatric first aid course taken by all employees in October 2015.

  • Search for the company name
  • Scroll through the courses until you find the course name with the matching date
  • Click through to the course
  • Click the button to generate a PDF of all certificates and save it


Easily find delegates and courses - scenario #3

You get a message, “Can you send me the Health & Safety certificate for James Wharburton, cheers”.

Okay, whilst you don’t have a company name, you do have a delegate and course name to work with.

  • Search for ‘James Wharburton’
  • Depending on how common the name is you may have more than one result
  • Look through each of the results until you find one with a matching course
  • Click the generate certificate button and you have your certificate


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