Quote system

So you’re out on the road quoting different customers for work. Later, you get back to the office and need to find time to put them all together. Hey, maybe you could do them tomorrow if you don’t have time.

Or, if you use our quote system, you could send your quote within 15 minutes of seeing each (soon-to-be) customer…

Bespoke, and yet off-the-shelf

First of all, the phrase ‘off-the-shelf’ can be misleading, as it implies you get something which works the same way for everyone.

Whilst we have ‘off-the-shelf’ systems, we always adapt the system to suit your business, such as styling the letterhead so it matches your current stationery.

We can also adapt it to suit your established workflow, so any features which you are unlikely to use can be removed and others which you really need can be added.


Make your business more efficient

At the top of this page we make the bold claim that ‘you could send your quote within 15 minutes of seeing each (soon-to-be) customer’. Exactly how is this possible with our system?

Like this – fire up your tablet and open the system…

  • Add the customers details
  • Create a new quote
  • Select an introductory letter from your library – you can add as many letters as you want, all of which you can customise for your different services
  • Edit the letter where necessary (make it a little more personal, i.e. ‘Hello Bob, it was good to meet you earlier today…’
  • Select any documents you want to attach to the quote (i.e. health & safety policies, insurance documents and terms & conditions etc)
  • Enter your quote  – add everything you need for the client to make their decision; if you use the same details over multiple quotes you can save these as a ‘job description’ for fast, easy access
  • Add some photographs if you need them – take them with your tablet/phone and upload them (or any other image from your tablet/computer)
  • Select the recipients of the quote
  • Send it!

That’s it. You’ve created your quote and sent it to the customer.


Impress your customers

Your customer(s) will receive an email with a link to download a PDF which will contain your letter, your quote and all relevant documents.

The email will also contain a link to approve the quote. Customers can click on the link and either sign their signature on a tablet or by using their mouse. You will receive an email notification so that you can turn that quote into a live, paying job.

Now, how efficient is that? 15 minutes to create a quote – if your customer is keen you could win the job within the hour!


Other features

  • Store your documents online and create (or email customers) PDFs of them
  • Create ‘favourite’ quotes – if a quote is particularly useful (maybe its quite comprehensive), instead of starting from scratch each time you can ‘favourite’ it and add it to either your private bookmarks or make it globally available for other users
  • Generate work schedules – give your employees a check list of anything they may need to complete the work, such as alarm codes, contacts or directions etc.
  • User-friendly dashboard – see how many quotes have been approved/rejected for each of your salespeople, along with a running total of successful quotes
  • Activity log – monitor usage of the system for each salesperson
  • In-system messaging – leave messages or reminders for salespeople

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Have we piqued your interest? Curious about how our system can fit into your company workflow?

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation at our office in Liverpool. We can discuss your current processes and see if our system can be of use.

We’ll identify areas where we could adapt the system should there be any areas which could be improved, and also show you a personal demonstration of how our system works.

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